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Why Cork

From our signature mats to our blocks & bags, every Corc Yoga product is infused with organic elements of one of Portugal’s most unique resources, cork.

Why cork? It changes the way our products are produced, consumed, & valued. 

No tree(s) are ever cut to create our products. Instead, they are made by stripping the bark during peak harvest times. This harvesting process helps regenerate the tree, contributing to their thriving lifespan of up to 200 years. In addition to the sustainability of our production, our products are 100% recyclable, vegan, & free of plastic, rubber, and/or latex.
Portugal’s forests produce half of the world’s supply of cork, carefully regulating the industry to protect the integrity of the environment while creating high-wage seasonal jobs for 10k+ workers annually. Corc Yoga only sources, partners with, & supports small family-owned cork farms & factories.
Cork trees naturally store carbon to regenerate their bark. Every year, cork oak forests absorb up to 20 million tons of CO2, while reducing greenhouse gases. These forests support one of the highest levels of biodiversity among forest habitats, as well as the highest diversity of plants found anywhere in the world. So, the best way to support the preservation of these habitats is to choose cork over other synthetic products.

Our products are 100% sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable – in fact, each harvest of cork tree contributes to the life and longevity of the tree.


The suberian wax found in the cell walls of cork makes it impermeable to liquids and resistant to moisture for a longer and stronger life.


Every Corc Yoga mat is thoughtfully designed and no two are alike.


Thanks to cork’s honeycomb structure, our mats are naturally non-slip. The grip actually increases as you sweat, making it suitable for all types of yoga.


Our products are 100% chemical free and do not contain heavy metals or harsh hormone-disruption materials such as PVC or latex.


Cork is naturally antimicrobial, resistant to dust & mites, making it an ideal material for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.


Our Cork products are manufactured in Portugal from 100% organic material. To keep the quality of your new eco-friendly product, it’s important to clean it with a damp cloth using pH-neutral soap, as sweat and body oils naturally build up over time and can cause wear and tear on your product. We recommend avoiding using ammonia-based cleaners and keeping your Corc product away from sunlight to avoid discoloration.

Any other questions or concerns about how to care for your Corc essentials? Feel free to contact us at


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